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2017 Sep 30th | Week 22 | FoFM

Date: September 30, 2017

Staffing of the Collingswood Farmers' Market FoFM Volunteer Table:
Shifts are generally 7:45-10am or 10am-12:15pm. Please be sure to email or text Tricia if you need to cancel or will be late.

Shift Leaders are in charge for each shift. Shift leader responsibilities include accounting for sales at the end of each shift, noting any issues, understanding gift certificate and credit card sales, and passing the book to the next shift leader. Any experienced volunteer comfortable with these responsibilities may sign up. Anyone interested in becoming a shift leader, please just ask Tricia or another leader to be trained.

Any extra information for this day (special events, contests, etc) will be described here as applicable:

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What Available Spots
Shift Leader Early #1: Susan G.
Early Shift 7:45am-10am #1: Linda S.
#2: Tricia B.
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Shift Leader Late #1: Beth C.
Late Shift 10am-12:15pm #1: Linda Q.
#2: Ann W.
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